Why Most Alcoholics and Drug Addicts Are Identified With ‘Escape of Reality’?

Many alcoholics and addicts use a certain drug of their choice as a means of escaping reality. They misuse a mood-altering substance to cope with issues in their daily lives, including issues with relationships, employment, self-image, or money.

They run a larger danger of becoming addicted the more they rely on a substance for solace. Addicts frequently live a life of escape, avoidance, and denial, which only serves to worsen their condition rather than help it.

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The use of drugs/alcohol as a form of self-medication is common among those who are experiencing severe trauma, emotional distress, or a certain mental health issue.

Stress Relief

There are many stressors in the modern world, and persistent stress is one major risk factor for many avoidable diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. One of the main risk factors for drug or alcohol addiction is stress.

Avoidance and Denial

Addicts not only use their preferred substance as self-medication to escape reality, but they also frequently decide to stay in this mindset. They opt to downplay their troubles and stay away from the true root causes of their problems.

Substance Abuse Risk

Using a substance improperly is described as doing so with the intent to change one’s mood. Even though not everyone who abuses infrequently becomes addicted, it does raise the likelihood that they will.

An individual who chooses to use drugs and alcohol instead of finding healthy ways to cope with persistent stress, psychological or emotional anguish, or untreated mental health disorders is even more likely to develop an addiction.