Top Causes of Acid Reflux that You Must Know?

When stomach acid rises into the esophagus, it causes acid reflux, also known as heartburn. You feel your stomach burning for a long period of time, nauseous, burping, and extremely full when you have this condition. When your lower esophageal sphincter opens frequently, acid reflux occurs. In general, your stomach is sealed off by this valve, which typically closes as soon as food enters. Reflux symptoms are brought on by stomach acid flowing back up into your esophagus as it opens.

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What are the causes of acid reflux?

·         Eating Too Fast:

If you have a habit of eating fast, it can result in acid reflux. When you eat quickly, your stomach process all the food, which you ate in a short period of time, which results in acid reflux. Before swallowing ensure that you chew the food properly. Make it a habit to eat slowly to avoid this kind of condition.

·         Eating Large Meals:

Eating large meals frequently can also cause this condition. As your need to work harder to digest the food you ate, you must avoid eating large meals. By doing this, your stomach can regulate its own rate of digestion and prevent overproducing stomach acid that could otherwise reflux into your esophagus.

·         Exercising after eating:

Stomach acid might rise as a result of bending over and moving heavy objects, particularly soon after eating. Working out immediately after eating increases the risk of acid reflux because exercising requires lifting heavy weights.

Stay healthy by following the above tips!